Constituency Question | Feral Deer

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Daniela DE MARTINO (Monbulk) (14:45):

My question is for the Minister for Environment and concerns feral deer. Could the minister please advise what the government is doing to reduce the impacts of feral deer across my electorate of Monbulk and surrounding areas? The existence of deer across the Dandenong Ranges has long been a problem. Numerous constituents have expressed multiple concerns. They are worried about how environmentally destructive they are. Wild deer destroy habitat, which has a terrible impact on our indigenous native flora and fauna. They also have a negative impact on Monbulk’s horticultural sector by trampling and eating crops. In addition to the destruction they cause, they are also a hazard to drivers, given their tendency to jump in front of cars. A fallow deer creates quite the dent, but a sambar deer is likely to completely write off a vehicle. I look forward to the minister’s response.